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Andrew Tate is My New Best Friend w/ Wendy Williams & Her Podcast

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Hey, Who is Andrew Tate!? The name, the face, the message, and the ticktocks are all I’ve seen in the last 72 hours. Andrew runs multiple businesses after retiring from kickboxing. His online businesses net him millions a month leading to his 2022 social media take over. After turning down a fight offer from Jake Paul, Andrew Tate has done nothing but go viral on TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms promoting his own brand. The man is a scum bag & will leave you laughing at the end of every video you see featuring him. Instead of an entrepreneur, I’d classify Andre Tate as a creepy, male, Instagram model & nothing more.

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0:00 – Intro
0:45 – $TWINKCoin Twinkie Giveaway – Like this Video = 1 Entry
5:00 – Back From Vacation & Engaged!!
7:00 – Let’s Move to South Carolina
9:00 – Moped – I’m Getting One…
11:00 – The Villages in Florida – Loofas on Your Golf Cart
22:30 – Who Is Andrew Tate?
24:50 – Andrew Tate VS Sparkling Water
25:25 – My Senior Trip Boxing Match
32:20 – “Women are better than Men” – Andrew Tate
41:08 – How Many People have Attacked Andrew Tate while he’s drinking water?
43:30 – Kyle – The Nelk Boys – GAR, u want 1?
48:00 – BlueChew – wawdpod.com/blue – YOUR ORDER FREE + $5 Shipping
51:00 – Wendy Williams & Other Celebrity Podcast
1:04:-00 – Ruby Tuesdays – $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY
1:15:00 – Outro

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