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Tim McCarthy is someone you would meet, and see as a guy who is happy, and funny, and do anything to make you laugh. Even if it was self-deprecating, However, that is what you would see on the outside. Deep down Tim was fighting an internal battle that he didn’t figure out until it was almost too late. Tim finally learned something was off mentally & wanted the pain to go away, forever. On May 5th, 2019, Tim attempted to take his own life, but fortunately enough, he did not succeed in his plan.

After that, he knew it was time to get professional help. After a long battle going through doctors, multiple therapists, & dealing with the mental healthcare system, Tim finally got some answers. Tim was officially diagnosed with general anxiety, ADHD and Bipolar II / Manic Depression. Feeling ashamed at first, and with the help of friends & family, Tim came to terms with his disorder.

Since then he wanted to help as many people as he could that also suffered alone with mental health issues. Hence the creation of 20TIMinutes, a podcast that focuses on mental health through the help of humor, insight & personal stories

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