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Justin Bieber VS. Paul & The Nickelodeon Podcast Reboots | What Are We Doing Podcast Episode 79

Episode Timestamps:

00:00 Intro
0:05:13 Analysis of the Impact of Reality TV on Teenage Girls
0:08:22 Discussion on the Power Dynamics of Age Gaps in Pop Culture
0:14:50 Conversation on Generation Alpha and Millennial Labels
0:16:34 The Impact of Generational Differences on Personal Relationships
0:18:42 Conversation on Breaking the Cycle of Family Dynamics
0:20:50 Reflections on Growing Up With Divorced Parents
0:24:18 Conversation on Early Internet Experiences and Online Safety
0:26:08 Conversation on the Impact of Political Polarization on Family Relationships
0:28:18 Conversation on the Root of Conspiracy Theories in the American Experience
0:30:05 Discussion of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Movie Adaptation
0:34:54 Discussion on the Benefits of Original Movies and A24 Movies
0:37:02 Discussion of the Movie “Uncut Gems” Featuring Julia Fox
0:38:57 Marvel Movies Discussion
0:47:25 Discussion on the Impact of Marvel and DC Movies on the Film Industry
0:50:04 Exploring the Cultural Rewrite of the Lord of the Rings Franchise and the Impact of the Hobbit Movies
0:54:41 Discussion of Movie Adaptations of Popular Books
0:56:43 Discussion of Popular Young Adult Movies and TV Shows
1:01:42 Discussion of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Alumni Podcasts and Reboots
1:03:06 Cancellation of Lizzie McGuire Reboot and Reflection on Girl Meets World
1:05:12 Zoey 101 Reboot and Jamie’s Involvement
1:07:02 “The Toughest Challenge”, Jamie Quit
1:09:13 Utilizing the dobetternetwork.com for Podcast Resources and Subscriber Goals

Episode Description:

Welcome to the What Are We Doing Podcast with your host, Levi. Today we’re talking about everything from reality TV to movie adaptations of popular books.

We start by exploring the impact of reality TV on teenage girls, and the questionable lessons it teaches about love and relationships. We then delve into the power dynamics of age gaps in pop culture, and whether or not they’re okay.

Next, we discuss generation alpha and millennial labels, and the impact they have on personal relationships. We also share our experiences with growing up with divorced parents and breaking the cycle of family dynamics.

Shifting gears, we take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about our early internet experiences and the importance of online safety. We also discuss the impact of political polarization on family relationships and the root of conspiracy theories in the American experience.

In a more lighthearted turn, we talk about the upcoming Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie adaptation, and our hopes for the film. We also discuss the benefits of original movies and A24 movies, as well as the big blockbusters, like “Uncut Gems” featuring Julia Fox.

Of course, we can’t talk about movies without discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the impact it’s had on the film industry. We also discuss movie adaptations of popular books and why they often fall short.

We wrap up the episode by talking about Disney Channel and Nickelodeon alumni podcasts and reboots, and our thoughts on recent cancellations and reboots. We also discuss the Zoey 101 reboot and Jamie Lynn Spears’ involvement.

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the What Are We Doing Podcast. Remember to stay curious and keep asking the question – what are we doing?

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Show Transcript:


ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another episode of the what are we doing podcasts my name is Levi McCurdy and
this is episode 79. next week’s gonna be episode 80 if
you did the math correctly and ah boy listen I’m gonna be straight I’m gonna keep it 100 with everybody I’m Gonna
Keep It 100 honest we were supposed to have Justin Bieber on today’s episode now
we’ve been talking to Bieber for the last two years ever since episode one if you go all the way back and listen to
episodes one two three all the way through episode 77 you’ll know that
we’ve been talking to uh scooter and everyone else over on Bieber’s team for the last like what two years two years
and so Bieber was supposed to be here today uh but unfortunately the flight
got canceled and the delay and the zoom call in the link everything wasn’t working so I got you the next best
available guest it’s my good friend Paul so Paul called uh and we chatted we chat
about new things old things old news new news and boy I just think it was a great
conversation we got a little deep with some parenting things and then we came right back to pop culture so um if you
like my friend Paul show them some love wherever he’s at if you see him walking on the streets just wave to him and then
immediately punch him in the face only if you see him walking down the sidewalk
on the left side of the street if it’s the right side of the street he can’t do anything to him but if you see Paul in
person walking down the left side of the street say hi what’s up I loved you on the
podcast you and Levi are gray oh my gosh you should call him more often and then immediately punch him in the face and
run away as fast as you can I think he’d really enjoy it we’ve talked about it we’ll talk about on this episode but uh
this is episode 78 dude so give it up for our friend Paul for calling in and saving this episode because Justin
Bieber couldn’t make it we are working with his team to figure out a new date and as soon as we have that be sure to
follow us on Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Snapchat uh you know whatever the social
medias are we’re on it Tick Tock YouTube shorts killing it over there thousands
of views a week you know what I mean it’s crazy and so um make sure you check that out and
check back I’m hopefully our plan is to get Bieber on before a hundred but if
that ends up being our episode 100 it’ll be great and if not if it goes into 101 one or two maybe who knows we’ll see
what his schedule’s like he’s busy him and Haley you know what I mean they’re busy people so once we get that squared
away you guys will be the first people to know all about the Justin Bieber episode but like I said 78 now
my good friend Paul you’ve heard him here before he was on a few episodes ago on a road trip it was a blast check it
out thank you guys so much for watching this is episode 78 of the what are we doing podcast no 79 Jesus Christ episode
79 I love it roast me in the comments dude because I’m the worst podcaster on
the damn planet
what are we doing yes okay another good week in the books so
we like that Brittany just texted me and said hey I called you because she called me when we first said talking because there is a single protester outside the
Lancaster Planned Parenthood with a sign that says love them both and a little heart where the baby would be way way
oh God okay why are we still doing this it’s 2023. why are we still doing this
like can we not can we make a list right now of things that we should just not be doing anymore in 2023 like
it’s it’s one of those things where it’s like yeah we get it like hey every
Millennial and their sister has seen the movie Juno like we get it we’ve all seen and if we haven’t seen Juno guess what
we’re watching uh 16 and Pregnant on MTV for 18 Seasons which is still on by the
way and it’s still the same girls from the original cast by the way did you
know this oh the the kids they’re teenagers they
have their own YouTube channels and tick tocks and everything they’re yeah they’re teens now and so but what it is
is because these girls like Farrah Abraham and Chelsea and Courtney and all like the OG
2000 and like three when did it come out like OG girls were
are are still on the air because they can’t do anything else like you know like Macy and Caitlyn and Mackenzie like
they’re not getting hired anywhere else favorite Fair Abraham tried to do the whole pornography thing she released an
anal video which was great and um you know like so they they just made
a spin-off show like 16 and Pregnant 16 years later and it’s still bro we what
makes the clips pop up on Facebook and Tick Tock all the time for Megs and she shows them to me it’s just like you know
like like Chelsea and Gary are now not together obviously because you know your
whole life being on camera with MTV and having three kids of this person something tells me you’re not gonna make it and like yeah she’s like it’s a bad
recipe for being a person snow so now Chelsea has a new boyfriend but her new
boyfriend is lying to her about how many kids he has and Gary the fat ex dad of
the original 16 and Pregnant kids is like hey there’s something you need to know about your
new boyfriend and he like hands them these like papers from the hospital or some [ __ ] and he’s like this paper here says he’s got five kids and not two he’s
lying to you and I don’t want that liar around my daughter and like it’s this whole [ __ ] dramatic meanwhile
Courtney’s yelling at him like you’re you’re just jealous and blah blah blah and you can’t see me happy while she’s
getting back into her 2014 Honda Civic because that’s all she can afford because she’s been on an MTV show for 18
years and it’s like dude it’s it’s one of the most insane pieces of our society
so let’s add that to the list of things that we don’t do anymore in 2023 16 and Pregnant and uh and uh yeah like Pro and
how did this start protesting plan but are you [ __ ] kidding me yeah are you kidding me and it’s one person just out
there it was a sign being like that so I love it yeah he’s like oh God I love it
also a reminder of a person from the parents church so it like triggered her and I was like yeah that sounds right sounds like the kind of person that
would be out there as a person from your parents church just being like Oh my God insane listen this is how this is how
this is how church has changed this is how church has changed I mean you and I have talked about it you and I were
going to youth group like on [ __ ] bouncy houses and playing like Xbox and wheeze and [ __ ] and then occasionally
we’d have to learn a Bible verse but other than that that was it now youth
group consists of volunteers protesting at Planned Parenthood and on the corner
of you know the the Capitol building and just whatever else it’s just like going
to January 6 everyone at the YouTube right holy [ __ ] dude I mean dude and it’s just
it’s bad enough every Pastor well no I can’t I’m sorry I can’t say every Pastor it’s bad enough that 99 of Pastors in
America are grooming the youth group children uh to eventually marry them it’s like it’s like what world are we
living in oh living in hell dude I’m so glad I’m so glad I gave you that realization because as soon as you told
me the story I was like um this doesn’t sound good Paul’s not really saying anything about
it and I’m like maybe Paul doesn’t know maybe he’s too close yeah I didn’t realize this situation it’s way too
close but yeah so anyhow after that yeah well yeah yeah my second thing has
nothing to do with anything but just to kind of in the same vein of like pop culture update go go go so since
whatever year there’s a Netflix Christmas rom-com TV show called Dash
and Lily if you guys ever watched it um no Megs and I listen here’s the thing
with Meg’s and I I know that you and I I really I’m gonna try to get her on a different path here but we it takes a
very very very um either convincing or extremely good
trailer or hype or whatever it is around something for us to watch something new
Megs and I watch Megs and I watch like two new shows and maybe two new movies a
year and that’s pushing it so if it came out in the last two to three years and
it’s not like super actiony and something I need to see personally like I watch on my own we probably haven’t
I’m looking at it now dash and Lily rom-com season one Netflix no never
heard of it well it’s good uh it’s a really good Christmas one but in the last episode
there’s like the penultimate like they find each other again yeah saying that happens in all rom-com yeah
um the uh this cool song that I really liked by this artist that I’ve been listening to this artist Gracie Abrams
for a while yeah he’s got like a cool cool sound it’s like folk pop kind of okay uh and she just released today her
first full album which is cool I was like oh Grace Abrams what I didn’t know I’ve been listening to her since 2020
when dashing really came out and her songs are like the big thoughts she’s JJ Abram’s daughter I say that I’m looking
at it I did not know that because I’ve just been listening to her music and had no idea and hasn’t looked around dude
isn’t that crazy I just learned um like I just learned that uh uh that
like like like Kate Hudson’s dad is someone prominent like all these like all these baby dude like I still like
great the universe but I thought she was just this like young talented artist right it’s like oh no her dad right so
now okay so so let me ask you this now does that how does that because it
sounds like based on your tone how does that change your views and opinions and like I mean will you remember okay okay
it’s just like I’m like wow how did she go from like being like a 19 year old kid to being like a 23 year old like
releasing albums with like good producers daddy made a few phone calls it’s like
her first album like her first album this is not what happened to normal people yeah it was produced by Aaron
destner of the national who uh is one of my favorite artists of all time right but most famously recently he produced
Taylor Swift’s folklore and Evermore of course he did so this girl got him to
produce their first album right and that’s what I’m like and isn’t that every girl’s dream and and do you know
like listen I mean let’s be honest you’re you’re telling me you’re telling me that Gracie she’s going on tour with
Taylor Swift too oh is she oh okay well then then she’ll be the next so yeah so so
yeah she’s [ __ ] she’s really good she’s doing what uh she’s doing what
Olivia Rodrigo should have done when when when driver’s license you went on tour with Olivia Rodrigo before Taylor
Swift that’s hilarious that’s hilarious yeah no she get I mean it the thing is
her music rock yeah good music it’s like interesting different type of Pop yeah
so I was like oh this is cool this is cool to listen to and then when it was like oh it did I literally today it’s
like today like 10 minutes before I called you I saw oh her album’s out I went to click on it and like loaded it
on Spotify yeah and then I like saw on Twitter like JJ Abram’s daughter Gracie releases the first debut album and I was
like I Hate Everything interesting I mean yeah does it I mean
so oh man does that like I have a question for you I have a question for you is it so like she’s like kind of hot
too but she’s 23 and it feels weird now that I’m almost 33. so this is the argument
and I’ve been watching I’ve been watching videos I’ve been
hearing discussions because so that I don’t think is so bad what you just
discussed being attracted to this 23 year old no bottom line no I don’t think
I don’t think that’s terrible at all especially when she’s on stage in in a
bra and a crop top and so but but and this all and listen this all stems from
and of course they they denied it but I mean you’re not spending all day every
day with the man and not you know touching his dick at all apparently uh
Leo is is a new 19 year old girlfriend and so he always does there’s always a
new one right he does yeah and so the issue with that I think and how old is
Leo is he he’s over 50. he might be over I don’t know
dude he might be over 50. Leonardo DiCaprio is 48 years old so he might as
well he might as well be 50. so let’s that’s what that’s kind of weird it’s
kind of listen I would say Leonardo DiCaprio dating a 19 year old is the
same thing as people signing up for bad babies only fans at 1201 the day she
turned 18. that yeah no that’s okay yeah that’s
fair that’s fair I just I think now I also didn’t know I didn’t know of Gracie
Abrams until like two years ago between she was like 20. no listen is this but
but here’s the issue here’s where I mean we’re just talking hypotheticals and gray lines here so obviously like 18 is
the age so 19 should be fully okay it’s a societal issue right it’s not a it’s
not a legal issue it’s not he’s not breaking the law anyway there’s the power Dynamic issue with
like um I would I would venture to get listen
there’s a girl I went to college with hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on let me pull I’m not gonna say any names
because well I’ll say the name I’ll just bleep it out if we use it later but Christy I went to school with Christy
and she in college so we were all 21 22. she
linked up with this guy and started dating him his name was guy so you know Guy what it’s kind of weird hilarious I
hate it and it’s like and he was definitely at the time 45 years old and
he’s now I think 55 pushing 60. like my step he’s my stepdad’s age he’s my
father’s age and Christy is our age and they started dating when she was 21 22
23. they named I don’t know if this is new or if we’ve had the name for a while but Megs and I just discovered our son
Ollivander and all his friends they’re the alpha Generation generation Alpha
yeah I guess yeah I think so yeah we lose
back around to Alpha from Z oh is that dumb is that we should just like wait why isn’t that the case
well it is because gen Z then then Alpha again we Loop backgrounds well yeah but I mean but wasn’t Millennials before
that so we went from M to Z like should it should be every letter why isn’t every generation a different letter
I don’t know XYZ is well Millennial is Gen Y technically uh
but then X that we we were born into like the flipping of the year 2000. uh
so we we dubbed the phrase Millennial I see okay well listen technology Generation Y yeah also who gives a [ __ ]
yes dude that’s something I think about all the time I’m like yo all of this is made up and like yeah there are
differences of when you were raised like if you were born in the 70s versus the 80s 90s there’s definitely things that
are different and we should we I guess we have to attribute something to be able to measure that so okay your
Generation Y you’re like whatever it is so dumb though because it’s like General the general sweeping like oh everyone in
gen Z does this non-millennials do this I’m like I know gen Z kids who act like
[ __ ] Boomers and I know gen Z kids who act insane that I can’t even relate
to so it’s totally not it’s just like a generalization no matter what and it’s
stupid I just had a thought when I was when when am I yeah man oh my
father stopped talking to me he stopped talking to me like I don’t know like 10 years how old was I
like 1925 Maybe 23. yeah so Trump wasn’t a thing that I just
realized something if my father for no reason at all
never kicked me out of his life and just like abruptly stopped talking to me for
no reason or at least a reason that no one’s ever been able to explain
I probably would have been at the Jan six Capital right
oh God yeah no think of me think of me now
take everything you know about me now and then Mash that with everything that
I’ve learned about my father since he’s walked out of my life basically he’s been he goes he cut the visit to his
sister’s husband’s funeral a woman who he has been close with his whole life his sister that would be like me like
going to Christina’s funeral 50 years from now and he cut it short
because Trump was having a rally that day and he wanted to get a good seat like he yeah he turned my 13 year old
sister into a right-wing [ __ ] crazy loony bin to the point where she’s
posting on to now she doesn’t do it anymore obviously hopefully I think she might have came to her senses but for about a year and a half she was on Tick
Tock I’ll I’ll try to find one if they still exist she was on Tick Tock making like let’s go Brandon
anti-biting like [ __ ] you Trump Trump’s my president Trump trump tick tocks a
[ __ ] a 17 year old little girl because of her so take all of that and because my dad I
am my Father’s son I act like him I’m built like him I’m just like him everything I do is him I’m cheap like
him it’s I’ll make fun of him to the [ __ ] cows come home but it’s me to a [ __ ] T everyone will tell you that
except except you like your son well of course and yes of course I I have I I am
not I am not directly uh I’m not directly allergic to human emotion so
it’s like well there’s a name for what you and Megs are doing which is like even moving out of
York County across across the river and like doing different things yeah uh that
uh Brittany and I talked a lot about that we both learned in therapy is like you’re cycle Breakers um
which is like you know how in Game of Thrones they say Daenerys is trying to break the wheel
yep yeah that’s uh that’s what you’re doing yeah absolutely 100 that’s such a
good time but dude could you my dad was my best friend I chose when I turned 18
because of the divorce we were allowed to choose if we wanted to keep the same Arrangement every other week at Mom’s
house every other week at Dad’s house or we move out obviously we weren’t really tough well no that was the divorce term
so from from 10 from 10 putting kids in the middle of it sucks yeah so from 10
to 18 it was every other week I would I would live with my mom for a week and live with my dad for a week it was a different life I lived every other week
it was the best that’s why I think I have ADHD and that’s why I can do like YouTube voice because I was one person
at my mom’s house in a completely different in my dad’s so yeah that’s so trippy to me yeah but it makes sense yep
but so but when I moved it Ben so my mom my stepmom had strict rules like you had
to give her your cell phone by 7 pm on weekends like it was so weird she was a
[ __ ] nut she’s part of the reason why everything went to [ __ ] but it’s a story for another day so I was like well I’m
going to live with Mom because Mom doesn’t give a [ __ ] when I come home at 11 p.m 12 a.m 1 a.m whatever what I’m
doing with the kids or the club or whatever and you know and so I was like I’m gonna
go live with Mom because the rules are a lot less strict but I was at my dad’s house every other day because he didn’t
work but the weekends so on days that I didn’t have class I was just at my dad’s
house or before class or after class because he lived 10 minutes from school so I would go to college go to my class
and then go to my dad’s house and hang out because Conley and Asia were in school and Alicia was working so it’s just that so we’d sit there and we’d
watch Jerry Springer we’d watch [ __ ] Jersey Shore we’d talk about how hot Sammy is like might we get lunch we
drink Margaritas we’d smoke cigarettes like he was my best [ __ ] friend then
something happened I don’t know what the world shifted I don’t know and I was told to never talk to him again it’s
fine but if that can that relationship would have continued I would have been a die-hard Donald
Trump fan and everything I know about politics for my father and I learned conversely maybe your dad
doesn’t become a big Donald Trump oh interesting you know
because that’s an option in the flip side there you think I would have saved him I would have saved my father I mean
that’s something Brittany and I talk a lot about because like we so we so Brittany so my parents and I like we’ve
never I’ve never had like a best friend relationship with either them but like we kind of like I talked to both of them
semi-regularly they exhaust me but like right he was never that Britney had the relationship with her mom like you
discovered that like they would like to do trips together like just the two of them and for them a lot of it was the
fact that like they were a family unit after her dad died and then her mom got remarried and they had two more kids so
like Britney and her mom have like a forever Bond no matter what no matter what weird [ __ ] goes on and that’s part
of their relationship and that’s my mom I mean even though me and my mom just went through four years of hell and
drama and not talking to each other we’re rebuilding our relationship now shout out Sandy Dunkle you know what I
mean so we’re working through it but my mom after the divorce my mom devoted her
life her life to me and my sister now while she was married to my father she’s
still obviously devoted her life to her children but like like the when she was dating before my stepdad when she was
dating where there was you know Ron the the hillbilly with the guns in the backyard or or or Steve who was recently
divorced who I think got back with his ex-wife and he had two daughters and he dated her for a while he was a volunteer
firefighter like my mom definitely has a type and so but then like every it would
be it would be us first and then them like if we if me I remember me and my
sister hated my mom dating so much that when she started dating John Dunkel
we would we had do you remember oh man do you remember the home phones that
were all rounded and were all translucent colors did you ever have one of those I did not
have one my sister had one in her room because dude holy [ __ ] remember having two phones yep
my sister has never had two sister had her own phone line wow you lucky [ __ ] you rich [ __ ] you no we never had two
and when and when the internet came if you were on the [ __ ] phone guess what
here yes in your ear because I’m trying to chat with babes dude I’m [ __ ] 13 I’m
I’m eight years old and I’m trying to chat with babes on a I am okay my parents didn’t discover AOL kids until
like 10 years later like we I’m almost positive I was in a a chat room that’s
what they were called yes I was I’m almost positive I was in a kids only chat room with like 13 pedophiles I
guarantee you I was talking to pedophiles at maybe eight years old when we had a computer my parents got us the
first big all-in-one Gateway PC this sentence the sentence I guarantee you I
was talking to pedophiles to something that I didn’t think I was gonna be hearing today but here I am I mean think
about it all right like I mean hey I maybe you weren’t maybe you had a different internet but AOL before it
definitely was in chat rooms that were like weird and not where I was supposed to be that definitely happened to me for
sure yeah like for sure like like Chris Hanson definitely showed up at the door
with a pizza at one of the people I was talking to on AOL Instant Messenger
no dude sorry so so yeah yeah so Brittany and her mom
yeah yeah and like so she sometimes like I don’t know thinks
about like would it be different if I had like because a big shift before before Kobe coven was a very big kid
but it definitely started before like like talking through some stuff yeah and
she always sort of goes through like if I had like not put intentional distance to like bring like to find myself would
I have like been able to like not have my siblings also like go down this like she sort of like plays out the
theoretical sometimes right and like I I don’t know I don’t I don’t think you know you can’t it’s like you could drive
yourself about thinking about like well what does this happen instead of what happened right but like I don’t know dude it’s interesting to think because
like I think personally to like Trump’s Vortex that’s beyond Trump now into the
like crazy stuff that we deal with that like sucks people into it and like destroys families I kind of think there’s like some result
of like because because I I know I’ve seen on like forums even like old people like
people with like our parentage being like Oh none of my kids talk to me anymore and like they’re I just want
them to know about the Great Awakening and like I think who said that oh yeah dude who said that
there’s parents there’s parents Matt I swear to God I swear on my and Megs
hates it when I say this but I swear on my son’s life if sand if the words I
hope I wish my son would talk to me again so I could warn him about the Great Awakening ever comes out of Sandy
dunkle’s mouth I’m done I’m out I can’t the Great Awakening are you kidding me
that [ __ ] that [ __ ] pops up all the time and like what but you’re not based on all those
but you’re not on Facebook so where do you see this oh you know I I see people
no twitch people who go like because I listen to and follow people who investigate Q Anon and all of it yeah
yeah like their twitch streams they’ll like go through Facebook okay or like they’ll investigate Facebook groups
dedicated to like conspiracy theory got it got it and like it’s so sad because I
think it’s a root of like kind of the root of the American Experience of like the fact that our entire country is yes
the conspiracy theory yeah because it’s like kind of true no matter what side of the coin you’re on you’re like you you
think something like the people like Democrat like normal Democrat people who are like Trump’s gonna get arrested any
day it’s like dude it’s been years he’s not going anywhere like so that’s
happening either so do you think um
well hold on let me finish my thoughts yeah I feel like at the root of all of
it from all of the stuff I personally have experienced and then also like following and listening to like podcasts
that explore this stuff I kind of think the root of the fact that we’re all obsessed with trying to figure out like
who’s doing this to all of us quote unquote yeah is like at the root of it like people who are lonely and sad who
like wish that their life was different like I think that that’s kind of the root of it all and like it’s easier to
like sanitize about like some big spirity and like demonic cabal or
whatever as opposed to just being like man I could just like what if I just apologize to my kids
did that instead yeah imagine that imagine that imagine could you just
imagine that after after not talking to your son for 10 years and then you’re together for a wedding in Mexico by you
know just whatever odds in the world and the first words out of his mouth are hey
V where’s my grandson and not a sorry not a high not a uh you know we need to
talk not a not a nothing but where’s my grandson [ __ ] you don’t have one is
exactly what I told him like come on bro like what are we talking yeah that [ __ ] sucks did you did you see the
news that I just sent you
um so no did you know did you give us a full did you give us a
full breakdown of the Ring of Power series is that what happened ring of
power ring of power sucks this is see this has been tossed so like I oh God I
I’ve been assuming this would happen at some point because it’s the same thing
as everything where we can’t leave it alone and leave it but like those
original movies are perfect yep sure are yep don’t do anything yep so okay so we
get so we get so we get the three original movies right and they’re masterpieces they’ve won awards they’ve
done this they’re they’re beautiful it’s Peter Jackson I think they’re the most awarded movies
billions of dollars in makeup and practical effects and hours and weeks
and years of filming I mean and so then we’re like hey let’s just you know franchise this [ __ ] up and give us
three hideous uh Hobbit movies and so
you know that was fun for a little while and then we get ring of power which you
say wasn’t it good at all it’s not good at all okay okay
and I mean the caption the caption’s Fantastic the caption’s Fantastic
they’re using a picture of Frodo holding the ring and it’s like it’s so funny
they’re using an image of someone who needs to Simply let something go but can’t
so then okay so how do you feel so then but how do you feel you’re probably not
as attached to it as I am but how do you feel about Harry Potter and the cursed child with Daniel Radcliffe Emma Emma
Stone no not Emma Stone Emma Emma Watson Emma Watson and Daniel Rupert you’re making that they’re making it into a
movie and the three originals are set to come out yes play that was written like
in the play it was like a Broadway play or not a Broadway play but like a like a England whatever the big Globe Theater I
think it was a uh yes it was so it was a play it was a play based on Harry and
Jenny’s child right the cursed child later yeah it’s later everyone’s growing up so and so and then they turned and
then the manuscript became a best-selling book or the the whatever it came a book and then and now obviously
they’re making it a movie because the Fantastic Beasts series failed because of Ezra Miller grooming children even
though they’re still putting them in movies and putting a billion dollars into the Flash and Johnny Depp’s trial unfortunately so that kind of killed
Harry Potter Warner Brothers what’s funny is like a week ago they said it was dead a week ago Warner Brothers came
out and said hey we’re done with Harry Potter for now we’re gonna kill the franchise maybe we’ll revisit in a few
weeks few months few years whatever and then a few weeks went by and they announced cursed child
so that’s fun yeah I I I feel like that
at least like I I hated the Fantastic Beasts story I watched the first one and I just didn’t
watch any more of them it was like really boring to me so uh yeah I I feel
like I’d be more interested in the continuation of the original characters than anything so that to me is like okay
well I’ll watch that I’ll probably watch that but also like I kind of don’t care
because like the thing that sucks about this like way
that stuff is going with movies is like this here with Lord of the Rings more Harry Potter
I’m like exhausted about including like one of my favorite franchises Star Wars
like I want them to make less and just better things instead of like just continuing to make
more nostalgia which is I guess what kind of Harry Potter and the cursed out it’s like
playing on oh we’ll bring it back to original cast right it’s like Nostalgia so it’s like I I like I I would like to
see more creative like that’s okay Andor perfect example of in the universe of a
franchise but totally completely unrelated to like there’s no Luke Skywalker there’s no Darth Vader there’s
no like anything related to anything it’s just like this story that’s like self-contained within a universe but
like is just like a new story and interesting that is what was cool about that I we I
we just don’t do any we don’t do enough new things we just do the same and the fact that we’re remaking was one of the
greatest movie franchises ever like Lord of the Rings like what are we doing what like that’s
terrific here’s the issue so and this is my next question and I’m so glad you brought it up it’s perfect
why we’re perfect for each other um because they’re doing because your
wife is pretty upset about this Lilo and Stitch reboot coming like it’s also
stupid it’s just it’s it’s like you’re right you’re right and hey do you know what else you know what else is
hilarious the people who still have the [ __ ] balls to do an original movie or
an ID or something you know like an idea like that are winning like look at like
I’m pretty sure cocaine bear might be one of like uh early releases it comes
out today I think for the Mass public but like everything I’ve seen so far great rave reviews amazing and I’m
pretty sure the one day that Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey was in uh theaters here in the US I’m almost positive they
they got like the best outcome possible like everything I ever wanted
like it’s different so people are like oh new and different I’ll check that out yeah like yeah I mean that’s
the thing the thing that I like love is like I like one of the only film studios where I’ll go see the movies in theater
100 of the time it’s day 24. really uh because a24 makes wild [ __ ] right weird
movies that like no one else is doing a 24 star movies because they’re kind of like the last independent theater that
has enough like sway to like make something like they did a couple years ago the Green Knight which is a weird
trippy story which is like based off of a poem about
but like they just did a whole movie based off of a poem and created like a weird trippy story or like they did
everything everywhere all at once which is probably in my like top 10 favorite movies of all time dude I’m I’m looking
like I’m looking at them now and I mean their their lineup is pretty it’s like
if I showed if I showed what I’m looking at to Megs she would think that she
would say you and I made these movies before uh you know like she’s never she would never Megs would never be caught
watching probably any of these and like she wouldn’t know anything about them but like if you watched uncut gems
speaking of a25 I gosh I’ve seen bits and pieces I tried
watching it when it came out but I’m not I’m not a sports fan and I just you said
Jen says a special place in my heart because it’s the last movie I saw before coping yeah yeah like when when the
world shut down that if if movie theaters didn’t come back that was the last movie I saw and it was so [ __ ]
crazy and I was like damn also my friends my uh my buddy Nate and
I talked about this Julia Fox because like you sent me that she’s like crazy yeah something happened and I guess
Kanye Julia fox in um uncut gems looks and acts like a
totally different person than she is now it’s like really weird and I guess coven
happened to her too you know we all lost so much but uh yeah well she was John softy’s meals
yeah she rules and then touch him so he’s good she’s like the Mistress of Adam Sandler he’s great in it right but
uh yeah no that movie is yeah a24 though like I I will see their movies because
they make weird [ __ ] interesting they made interesting cheers yeah and it’s and
that honestly I think other than the couple of Marvel movies I’ve seen since covid because I’m never going to see one
of those in theaters ever again uh I thought I’ve only watched a24
movies I’m so done I’m so done bro with the
Marvel movie the one listen this is hilarious so okay this is hilarious to me the fact that I don’t know if you
know this but now as of now um and we weren’t oh God I’m so pissed
about it and I’m never gonna watch it because of this Avatar 2 is now like the best movie of all time because of the
bajillion dollars it just made so it just surpassed everything but what’s hilarious what’s hilarious is that
Disney and Marvel are are are marketing the new Ant-Man quantanium whatever
movie Quantum media Quantum Mania right they’re they’re promoting it as the
number one movie in the world right now that and I’m like hey wait a minute I
thought Avatar 2 made a trillion dollars and I haven’t seen any of those movies I
the last the last big budget movie I saw was Doctor Strange yeah Madness I know I
think we talked about this like it actually made me curious because I was in this movie’s so bad yeah and I know
it’s gonna make a ton of money and everyone’s gonna and like and people are like oh it’s so good it’s
such a good movie I’m like no this is a shitty movie like you all are brain dead like what’s wrong with you like it’s
almost dude and it’s it I the last one I think I saw in theaters was maybe
I think they’ll honestly I think if we’re being honest I think the last
Marvel movie I saw in a theater might have been with my buddy Fred and I think it might have been the first Guardians
of the Galaxy movie which is a good one like and after that I watched him at home if if I watched
him I watched the trailer for the new Ant-Man thing because I don’t pay for anything so our Hulu has ads on it and
bro what are we doing like I know Ant-Man is has been in like
a time another realm for the last six movies I guess that I haven’t seen and
now but his daughter is there okay please please this story is the second
half of the last Avengers which was end game is the last one okay because
Infinity war was the first one right any more in the end game yeah I think so yeah yeah yeah yeah I think so uh so
in between those two movies Ant-Man 2 came out which is called Ant-Man and the WASP right and Ant-Man and the WASP ends
the last scene of Ant-Man and the WASP Ant-Man goes into the quantum realm oh
[ __ ] because they’re exploring the quantum realm and then the people uh
Michael Douglas and Michael Douglas is still in it
yeah and the girl from Lost uh Evangeline Lilly and her mom is Michelle Pfeiffer she’s the boss oh my God
they’re outside waiting to like pull them back out of the quantum first because that’s what I do it like somebody has to pull you back and they
get erased by Thanos snapping you get stuck in the quantum version they get erased by Thanos
so in end game there’s a five-year gap between the snap and end game oh so he’s
been so homie’s been in the quantity yes okay any questions questions because we
don’t know how can you eat in the quantum verse does he go to the like how do you live in the Quan does he have a house there it’s been five years
I’m assuming they explained this in this movie I have no idea okay in end game
he’s like out he gets and he drives up to the Avengers facility and tells them like yo I think we can time travel
through the quantum first and that’s how they fix everything basically right because they time travel back in time to
put all the every point in time to get all the Infinity Stones and I put him back yet yeah so
the quantum verse he was there and then I guess his daughter grew up his five years past and now we’re here
so all right and his daughter his daughter has a costume on in the trailer so she’s like Aunt girl now right so now
we have an ant girl listen yeah it’s just like an Iron Man where like all of a sudden everyone has an Iron Man suit
and it’s like all right like right not every character can be a superhero because the other piece is like it’s
none of it like none of it means anything now because it’s just like there’s only so many times you can have
a story where like oh man this person like they did something like a movie ago and I feel bad about it so now they have
to like find Redemption by doing another thing and like there’s always like some like emotional handy point and they grow
and they learn and they learn from their mistakes and the last thing and they’re going to show us how they learn from the
mistakes right I mean uh listen now you can I
mean one could argue that the very first Iron Man film had that same premise
but we only did my favorite one in the entire
Avengers series okay the only movie that is not that premise yeah
in America and the Winter Soldier because the centrifuge of that movie is Captain America is dealing with the fact
that like he was like in Frozen for a hundred years right or 50 years yeah
and he’s like trying to figure out like what life is he’s like dealing with like
yo I was like when I went into ice it was like the 40s and now it’s 2000s like
what the [ __ ] yeah and and he and he thinks like everyone he knows it’s gone because they’re all old or dead right
and so and then the whole thing is him being like Oh who am I now right am I a
soldier am I I mean I’ve been here am I just a guy who lives in the timeline that can’t die like what is this right
so like that premise is interesting and then also like he finds out oh my best friend also was frozen and it’s still
around but he’s evil now and it was like this interesting thing and then also he finds out like oh Shield’s actually bad
because they’re trying to hold a gun to everyone like it’s a very interesting like it was not the same thing as all
the other ones right and I love that movie because it’s such an interesting Nuance like story and it’s like oh cool Captain
America is like realizing that like oh maybe the US government isn’t right all the time well I’m like oh it turns out
like that well and they didn’t they didn’t make him they didn’t make him Captain America
which is like the like comic books 101 right I think I’m right on that that
Bucky Rogers like the Winter Soldier becomes Captain America he becomes Captain America
and like they made like Falcon like Falcons Captain America now he had a
failed Disney Plus show I don’t know man I watched that so I watched a bunch of
the first run of shows I watched One Division yeah I watched Captain America and the Winter Soldier whatever the hell
it’s called Uh Falcon in the Winter Soldier and then I watched uh Loki and I
think the last one I watched was the one with uh hawk guy the Hawkeye one uh and
there’s all stuck now too they started out pretty strong like long division was great okay mainly because Elizabeth
Olsen carried the entire franchise on her back she like is a great actor right
crushed it right uh and like they like wrote it interestingly and it was also weird because it was just like why is it
the 50s now why is it like the 70s why are we in Malcolm in the Middle like you’re very confusing and weird right uh
until you figure out what’s happening like by the fifth episode I think they finally reveal what’s happening it’s like oh this is kind of crazy uh and
then the best part about that is that that show develops like Wanda realized like oh I can’t use my powers to do
weird stuff and then she is just a totally different character in the next movie she said when she when she like discovers who she
is and what she can do she’s like but like it’s like all of the character development up to that point
was a race they put out the doctor strange movie that she’s like the villain in now
insane dude insane it’s so bad it’s so bad it’s stupid and they need to stop
and like apparently Bob Iger said he’s gonna slow down Marvel and Star Wars now oh is he oh Bob Iger yeah no no he’s not
he needs to pay for his salary and if you stop making Marvel movies now listen
Paul and I are the only two woke people on the planet and so if we stop making Marvel movies if we stop if we stop
making Marvel movies then it like you know Bob iger’s not gonna have a salary
anymore are you [ __ ] bro no way we’re gonna double die you’re like oh I’m
stepping down
especially especially now especially now that they like sheisted and shunned
their boy uh James Gunn and so DC was like hey we’ll take you hey we’ll give you a job
and guess what this Schneider guy’s not really working out so you do whatever you did for Marvel over here at DC and
we’ll just sit back and let you kind of do whatever you want to do yeah you want to bring Superman back hey bring him
back you want to start a whole new Batman thing and bring this Batman back with with I I’m almost positive I’m
almost positive with uh now him at the Helm of the DC movies and with the new
Flash movie We’re going to have Robert Pattinson Ben Affleck and I think I
think with James Gunn’s new Batman movie we’re getting back a Batman that was
there before and rumors are it’s either Christian Bale or uh someone else
uh we’ll see so you know what I mean so like now we’re gonna have three it’d be cool if Christian Bale came back but I’d
be really surprised he’s got to clean it up I hope he cleans it up I hope he does good I hope he does good dude it’s just
like but like can we just like I’m making superhero movies like make other movies yeah well that I
mean that’s it’s no well let’s see but that’s the issue like where’s the why
did we shelve the Batgirl movie like according to everyone that we’ve talked to it was like one of the best movies
that DC was gonna put out I mean get rid of it right we just get rid of it
it’s crazy and then we can still put out the Ezra Miller movies yeah I don’t oh the instrument dude the Ezra Miller I
mean come on come on this Lord of the Rings news is really like I’m very troubled by this because one like
it it would be like I’m trying to think I mean I guess it would be like remaking
the first three Star Wars because it kind of has the same cultural interest right so so what do you do think about
like the mean right the means that exists from The Lord of the Rings franchise like the one that’s simply not
just walk into Mordor I mean and it’s existed since the dawn of time of the internet like how are you how are you
gonna how are you gonna try to culturally rewrite something that has been part of the DNA of the like since
2003 right like these have been like everywhere so what do you think so what
are you redoing these right so what are your predictions do you think this will be a like we’re starting over there’s a
character named Frodo and the Shire and Gandalf comes with a ring and we start all over again or do you think this will
be like after the events of everything and the Earth has changed and some you
know another group a hobbiters something uncovers the ring again and then like I
what I don’t have any clue what they do because like rings of power rings of power was like
incredibly confusing so where was the time so what what was the timeline the raising power rings and powers like I
think like a couple hundred years before the event the Lord of the Rings I’m pretty sure and The Hobbit and The the
like the main main point of of the Rings of power was like oh this is before the
story you know and the only two characters that we like know for sure at
the beginning of it are elrond who is Hugo wheezing in the original trilogy yeah and uh galadrio who is Cape
Valencia and they were drawn right and like it’s like a young elrond and a young Galadriel like the two elves as
the only characters we like have known before yeah but but the problem with it
is and because of Lord of the Rings fans is like Tolkien wrote like so many notes on what
the history of Middle Earth was like there’s a whole book that his son released after he died yeah called the silmarillion that isn’t really like
narrative it’s more like he just kind of wrote for himself like the history of things so he could like have a
background for what he was doing for the story he did right like Lord of the Rings in The Hobbit are like fully
fleshed out stories he wrote the silmarines like his notes on the history of Middle Earth for himself basically yes and the rings of power ignored all
of that and it made up their own weird story and like in their weird story like
Sauron is like hiding as like he’s like he’s like a random dude and he tries to
like seduce Galadriel to join him as the dark lord and then he tricks everyone
and they they terraform the Southlands of Middle Earth and turn them into Mordor and it’s like this absurd story
where I was just like this [ __ ] sucks like this is like so it’s very marveliz
right right like they like did the like Marvel thing of like oh well the bad guy is actually the good guy and now he’s
like tricking everyone and now this is happening and like it wasn’t really well executed it was like really crappy and
like weird and then like the story was not at all like he was just kind of like oh so that
guy’s Sauron okay right I guess that whatever yeah
that’s it yeah it’s very weird and then they just kind of gave you like the the
the the the the the um oh geez what’s it called they gave you the uh the
oh my God the origin story of Sauron and that’s it yeah but but different but different than it’s ever been told in
like the actual books or anything which is fine because books don’t have to translate exactly but like right when you have a fandom that serious you can’t
really do it so egregiously you know what I mean like you’re trying to be you’re trying to but but I guess they’re
not worried about the spoken fans they’re trying to get new fans probably because it’s the Amazon’s doing but
um yeah and then so The Hobbit story those movies also suck which piss me off because the hottest book is one of my
favorite books in childhood yeah and I loved it and the movies the the
book the book could have been two movies there’s like a very distinct part in the
book where it’s like uh Gandalf comes and tells Bilbo like yo I need you to help me with this thing we need a guy
that’s like your size and then all the dwarfs come to his house and then he goes off on an adventure with the dwarves and then in the book there’s
like the forests they travel through yeah you could have had the end of movie One be like all of the events up to the
forest and then movie two is like the forest and the rest of the story that would have made perfect sense
because that’s kind of like how the story breaks up in the book yeah but they made it three movies because they
wanted to make more money and each each like they added all this stuff that like
wasn’t part of the story and then there’s like a weird story where like an elf and a
dwarf fall in love it was so bad it was so bad it was like terrible and I was so
pissed off the whole time because I was just like I love this book and like it’s a prequel to Lord of the Rings
well it’s like it ties in in a way where like you’re like oh this is how Bilbo gets the ring and I’m like oh here’s how
Gollum loses the ring and like oh here Gandalf like okay and then in the movie they like shovel like it lost in they
like bring Orlando Bloom back to like oh another character you know like kind of thing like who’s not in the book
even though he’d be alive but he’s not in the book and I got like a lot to say here’s a random Bloom you guys like him
right right it’s just like this weird like stupid I just hate I hate that we
keep doing this and that was actually you know Harry Potter I think might be the first one where they took the last
book and split it into two movies and then everybody started doing that oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah oh yeah I remember yeah they split the book and like that
was the first time I remember that happening yeah oh yeah everybody just
started doing and then the Hunger Games happened and then yeah they split the last Hunger Games in the two I never
I don’t think I don’t think I finished watching The Hunger Games series and I don’t think I finished watching
they so I read both books but I don’t think I finished the series yeah so um
99 sure this is all accurate The Hunger Games I’m pretty sure the last movie was
just the first one Candace plays again her boyfriend plays again they all play again but while they’re playing they
break the force field and they break into the they they fear the second one they free all the people
ah second one well then the third one in the book in the books the third one is
they go to war with the capital and they get all the other districts to fight and then District 13 which is like the
hidden secret one yeah yeah they come in and kill but but they accidentally kill
her sister in the bombing oh no you get killed by 13 bombs outside the
capital that’s right and then she’s like I can’t be with you Liam simply and Hemsworth guy and she’s like I’m gonna
go be with the Peter Mellark who is Josh Hutcherson guy she chose Peter right she chooses Peta over the six-pack I don’t
think I’ve watched the last movie because I I don’t think I cared anymore at that point and then Divergent I don’t
think they finished it I don’t think they ever released the last movie well dude it would be hard to finish
Divergent because in the books that virgin took a Divergent as a book was like a big risk I thought of yeah it’s a
first person narrative of like the girl whose name I’m forgetting yeah she dies in the book and they have to switch to
another character’s perspective for the last few chapters she dies trying to free everyone and the main character
your first person who’s narrating the entire story gets shot and killed he’s trying to save everyone yeah so I was
very curious how they were going to do that in a movie because like it was uh what Shailene Woodley is in there
Cheyenne Woodley yeah and I mean even though she’s like a crazy nut job you
know activist or whatever now man she’s sexy and I’m just saying all
I’m saying is all I’m saying is I think The Secret Life of the American Teenager
was one of the worst shows ever on television I’ve never I’ve never seen some of the worst acting some of the
worst dialogue I mean it was insane but basically the premise is she’s like 16
in high school and her and her nerd boyfriend have sex for the first time and she gets pregnant so you know and
then everyone else The Secret Life of the American Teenager it basically was for parents to watch they knew what we
were doing any given day at a time oh cool so they didn’t know how we were feeling about it yeah I got it so no
they were supposed to they were supposed to do a fourth one I’m I’m reading this I have a whole article pulled up now
there’s supposed to be a fourth movie but I guess it’s never gonna happen
yeah and like the books the books it was it it’s funny to think about how
like at the same time and like I guess 2010-ish 2012 whenever whenever Hunger
Games and Divergent were both like coming out yeah we just wrote a bunch of this coping King stories of like yo
everything’s awful and you’re gonna have to like you’re gonna have to fix the world yeah and then like look at what’s
happening right right like like the giver and Divergent and
Hunger Games You’re The Giver oh man
or whatever I read the book I was like oh [ __ ] so so one more everyone gets their life
chosen for them by the by The Giver right yeah that is a crazy story which yeah that was a cool idea I don’t think
I ever watched a movie named that though uh that’s how that’s the only reason I know about it is they I watched the
movie yeah yeah I read the book I don’t think I ever watched the movie and I remember in the book did they do it in the movie where everything’s black and
life until a certain point yeah yeah the whole their world is black and white and then yeah when you break out when the
little buddy breaks out he sees color color yeah yeah that was and the book I remember like what a cool idea like what
yeah like you’re stuck in black and white until you like activate your mind basically yeah that’s neat
dress that’s neat well listen listen the uh the cast of um did you watch let’s
let’s go back one more time and talk about reboots for a second did you watch Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
so so um it’s a part of the podco network I
think um I think some alumni from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon have something
to do with it but they’re re they’re launching uh multiple Nickelodeon and Disney Channel theme podcasts like uh
like Wizards of Waverly Place has one with two of the people from the show
um uh uh what’s her name Kim Possible um
Carlson Romano Christy Romano she’s been podcasting now for a few years and I
think she’s behind all of this uh and so yeah so here’s the voice of Kim Possible
yeah she was yeah so Ned Ned’s Declassified they have their own podcast now but they were on uh Christy Romano’s
podcast over the weekend talking some [ __ ] about how Zoe 101 is getting
rebooted and how um Ned and his friends his name’s not Ned I think his name’s Devin Devin and
his friends pitched uh Ned’s Declassified like grown-up adult version of the show it’s called Ned yeah and uh
Nick turned him down but we’re doing Zoe 101 you know weird I I don’t remember I like watched
it but I like couldn’t tell you what that’s the classic question other than the book with him like this is on high
school but I don’t like remember any of the details of the story I know he had a crush on the girl yeah uh uh even though
they were friends and there was a black kid there was just friends I just I don’t really remember the story actually
yeah I just know the details of it because I think that was like kind of the thing with a lot of those shows they
were just like kind of shows like like uh even Lizzie McGuire like no we got the Lizzie McGuire Movie oh dude dude
and that is a story I would like to know what happened to it Megs and I watched the Lizzie McGuire
Movie once a year at least once a year and that that reboot got canceled didn’t
oh yeah it did yeah that was supposed to come out and then it got canceled because I was like
that’s a story where like it ends on like they kissed for the first time as Prince you know you’re like what the [ __ ] what’s happening and we don’t know
we don’t know what happened yeah yeah yeah that’s disappointing yeah August 2019 it was announced Lizzie McGuire
would be entering production for Disney plus with Hillary Duff reprising her role dude because and you know what
listen [ __ ] them it probably had to do with her sexy ass photo shoot for that one magazine
officially canceled in December 2020. doesn’t that suck that would have been great I would have
watched that I mean it’s Hilary Duff she’s banging I mean why not yeah I was hoping I was
coming back but no no we we canceled the things that people do want to see the story continued and we reboot and we
make stuff that no one asked for dude you know I I mean like I have a confession I never watched and I
probably should have because it’s like one of my top ultimate favorite shows of all time but I never watched an episode of Girl Meets
World I couldn’t do it oh yeah no I couldn’t okay now there’s no way I was locking
that or Fuller house on principle right right right no I never watched Fuller house either
and I’m telling you what I mean I even after even after I will say I did watch
some clips when they weren’t getting the ratings that they thought they would they brought all the old actors back
from Boy Meets World onto the show for like you know special episodes I’d watch those clips on YouTube but I mean other
than that like I don’t know it just doesn’t it didn’t it wasn’t for me
yeah no that that makes sense to me is I was the same my same brain world of just
like I’m not doing this I can’t watch this again I can’t be part of I don’t know this is Nostalgia please
are stupid dude unless there’s like a compelling reason like Lizzie McGuire kind of ends on like a cliffhanger like
whoa where are we going now and that’s what and that’s what they tried to do was
they they this isn’t the first time Zoe 101’s pop back up right like they released that little short yeah they
release a short like 10 years ago with one of the kids they they dug up no they
so what happened was there was an episode episode in Zoe 101 where Chase films
himself confessing his love for Zoe and puts it in the Time Capsule and like 15 years later the other kid Michael I
think digs it up and like interrupts Chase on a date with a bombshell not Zoe
and it’s like yo uh I dug it up and she put a message in there for you and I
watched it and I think you need to see it and it was her confessing her love for him and so then like it’s like oh my
God I’m 25 years old now I gotta go find Zoe and we gotta be together and then like
that was it and it was like Hey dude wait I think I watched it I think I watched it like like okay but like let’s
not like I mean cool I guess if she’s single now we can maybe like you know be
together but interesting to see what they’ll do with the Zoe 101 reboot I mean hey you’re interesting what they’ll
do is since also Jamie has been like kind of in the [ __ ] storm of like well
being part of uh that’s why she’s doing it because they could they probably got her at half price
you were on the wrong end of the story with your sister so we can pay you nothing right but you’ll get good
publicity from bringing this back right exactly yeah oh exactly oh yeah and she’s like
um 250 000 per episode uh okay I guess which you know in reality
is like [ __ ] He’s also a lot of money he’s also on a TV show no I keep uh what
is the show what is the show no she’s not a stupid show no she’s not she’s not on it are you like a reality TV are you
referring to like the toughest show challenge in the world it was like they were like doing military super thing yes
it’s called the toughest it’s called the toughest challenge it’s basically Survivor but they’re just dropping them out of helicopters and making them do
like military [ __ ] don’t please don’t be don’t be don’t be
mistaken she is on the show she’s on the show and she did not make it through the
first challenge she said it was way too hard and she walked off
uh okay so yeah so they use her face in all the commercials but she uh got
canned on Twitter after it aired because she was like I can’t oh my God I broke a
nail and then like was never on again she she quit she said it was too tough and she quit terrible ladies and
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